September 23, 2017

Springdale continues Bonbon outreach

To extend community service to an adopted school, Springdale juniors and seniors taught English and Math and helped in improving facilities in Bonbon Elementary School last February 18-21, 2014 and March 10-14, 2014 respectively.

Headed by their respective class chairman, this year’s Work Camp is geared towards converting the adopted school’s garden into a concrete basketball court for PE classes and social events.

“We worked for a whole week. We all faced challenges that got the best of us, but it was all worth it,” says Julian Cobonpue, III-year class chairman.

Through the helpful proposal from a former Springdale employee Mr. Rogel Tura, the school adopted Bonbon Elementary School as a recipient of its annual Work Camp which is an avenue for students to help in various projects and services for the improvement of its adopted school.

“The students and faculty are very grateful for PAREF Springdale’s support throughout the years,” affirms Ms. Claudia Cabriana, the adopted school’s Master Teacher and Guidance Counselor.

Below is the timeline of projects since 2008 until present:


            2008-2009       giving of monobloc chairs and computer tables

            2009-2010       painting of classrooms

            2010-2011       making of school garden (rice terraces)

            2011-2012       building of school fences

            2012-2013       painting of computer laboratory

            2013-2014       cementing of the basketball court

Springdale continues to invite everyone to participate in outreach programs as it continues to fulfill its oath “…to serve others especially the needy.”

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