September 23, 2017

Vinta takes first strike in sportsfest

July 25, 2014 – PAREF Springdale had its annual Sportsfest at the Cebu City Sports Complex. Led by team captain John Fernandez, Vinta soared through the gates with 82 points while Anchor, led by team captain Shane Yu, was not far behind with 80 points.

Sportsfest is the first of many competitions this school year between the two battling houses, with Vinta serving as the defending champions. The games are based on track and field, namely, the 50 and 100-meter sprint, 4×100 relay, long jump, shot put, and swimming.

Several records were broken this year. Uri Llaban, a student from Grade 1, set a record time of 4.86 seconds in the 25-meter sprint. Renzo Ong Cabahug from Grade 3 set a time of 8.20 seconds to gain the record for the 50-meter sprint. Markwynn Relos from Grade 6 blazed his way through competition with a record time of 13.63 seconds in the 100-meter sprint. Elmar Carnicer III from Grade 6 threw for 11.7 meters to earn the record for the elementary shot put while Zacc Oliva of Third Year broke the record with 11.75 meters for the high school's edition of the contest.

It was a hard fought battle between the two houses. The school hopes to continue the success of Sportsfest with future competitions to help enrich the sports environment that Springdale is known for.

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