September 23, 2017

About Us

Education is first and foremost the responsibility of the parents. Parents ought to educe, "to draw out" the potential of their children, the learners. However, the parents cannot do this alone. This is where the schools come in to be their partners. Parents want their children to acquire the same values as they themselves have, and they ought to find a partner institution which shares the same values. The parents and the school should talk and should agree on the same goals in educating the students in the virtues.

There are many things that parents don't see on their children when they are in school. And there are many things that the school doesn't see of its students at home. But the virtues that the students acquire should be lived both in school, at home, and wherever else they may be. This is the aim of the collaboration of the home and the school. Home-School Collaboration is the paramount feature of the PAREF system of education.

Educating in character requires time. Children grow and develop their potentials in time. This brings us to another feature of the PAREF Schools. The early year or what are called the Basic Education years, are crucial in terms of forming a person.

PAREF Springdale is now the only school in Cebu with eleven years of basic education, seven years in elementary and four years in high school. More years of schooling means more learning. Our high school graduates are more prepared and more mature to proceed to the tertiary level. The DepEd's reason for not adding more years to the basic education system is economic. However, on further analysis, it would not be economical for a family to spend for a child in college who ends up wasting one, two or more years because of a lack of maturity.

Finally, the Springdale is now the only all-boys school in Cebu with an all-male faculty and staff. This is a feature unique to the PAREF schools. The single-sex approach in education was the norm in education until mixed or co-education was introduced, and now it is once again regaining popularity in many countries. PAREF has decided from the very beginning that all their schools should be single-sex. Springdale believe s that this approach affords more advantages in the education of the young, especially of boys.