October 18, 2017

Pinoy karatekas dominate World Shoto Cup with total of 18 golds

DESPITE a slow finish in the last day of competition, the Philippines still emerged on top in the 2nd International Shotokan Karatedo Federation (ISKF) World Shoto Cup 2012 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Cebuano national team member Orencio “Oj” delos Santos was the lone individual gold medalist in the adult competition yesterday as he topped the men’s individual kata. The Philippines added another gold after its seniors men’s team lorded the kata/kumite event by beating the United States of America (USA).

Even with just two golds in the last day, the Philippines came out on top as it finished with a total of 18 gold medals, most of which came from the victories by its junior karatekas last Saturday. The Pinoys also had 15 silvers and nine bronze medals after the two-day quadrennial competition.

Rhoel Parungao added a silver medal after placing second to Paul Mckeena of Canada in the senior men’s individual kata while the women’s kumite team settled for third.

Inaugural champion USA bagged a total of six golds and nine silver medals to go with 15 bronze medals.

The USA topped the seniors women’s individual kata and kumite,  team kata and kumite, the men’s individual kumite, women’s individual kata and men’s team kata yesterday.

Canada finished with four gold medals for third place. It also had seven silver and bronze medals.

“I would like to give the credit to our junior karatekas. Because of them, the Philippines finished on top and won the overall championship title,” said ISK Philippines director and national team head coach David Lay. “ It’s the strong basic foundation that made them formidable against bigger junior karatekas from USA, Canada and South Africa.”

Team Philippines will try to defend its title when the competition heads to South Africa in 2016.

Lay is now looking for a generous sponsors from the private sector to help fund the team’s campaign in South Africa.

“It’s very expensive to go to South Africa and we need to look for sponsors,” said Lay.  /CORRESPONDENT DALE G. ROSAL


Published in the Cebu Daily News on November 12, 2012.


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DepEd approves PAREF Schools’ K to 12 Transition Plan

The Department of Education approved last June 15, 2012 the K to 12 Transition Plan of the PAREF Schools. Ms. Carmelita G. Salgado, PAREF Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, submitted the plan on May 17, 2012 to Assistant Secretary Tonisito Umali.

Soon after getting the nod from DepEd, the PAREF Academic Standards Committee gave an orientation to the School Management Committees of Woodrose, Southridge, Rosehill, Northfield, Southcrest, Springdale and Westbridge regarding the roll out of the transition plan for School Year 2012-2013. Dr. Ernesto D. Grio, the Committee Chairman, said that PAREF is currently studying the content equivalencies of the K to 12 curriculum compared with the PAREF curriculum. The PAREF schools are in the process of aligning the curriculum with the K-12 content and performance standards and key knowledge and skills. This is the initial step taken by PAREF to gear up for a systematic and comprehensive implementation of the K-12 curriculum.

Plaque of Recognition

"…to serve others, especially the needy, to have zest for learning and virtue, driven by a personal vision of my life in the community which stems from the love of God and a sense of responsibility for the gifts I have received. I live by the motto: Bene Omnia Facere" (Oath of Commitment of a Springdale Gentleman)

To all Alumni of PAREF Springdale School who have started the outreach and have believed that "We Can Change the World" (song by Eric Clapton); to all faculty and staff of PAREF Springale School, and to all the parents who continuously support the school's adopt-a-school program for Bonbon Elementary School, the Division of Cebu City, DepEd Region VII recognizes our effort.

Five years and counting…



Formation, a constant job

There is an urgent need for spreading the doctrine of Christ.
Store up your training, fill yourself with clear ideas, with the fullness of the Christian message, so that afterwards you can pass it on to others.
—Don’t expect God to illuminate you, for he has no reason to when you have definite human means available to you: study and work.
The Forge, 841

When I made you a present of that Life of Jesus, I wrote as an inscription. May you seek Christ: may you find Christ: may you love Christ.

Three perfectly clear stages. Have you tried, at least, to live the first? 
The Way, 382

As soon as we learn one thing, we discover other things hitherto unknown to us and they in turn stimulate us to continue working without ever giving up. 
Friends of God, 232

Our calling discloses to us the meaning of our existence. It means being convinced, through faith, of the reason for our life on earth. Our life, the present, past and future, acquires a new dimension, a depth we did not perceive before. All happenings and events now fall within their true perspective: we understand where God is leading us, and we feel ourselves borne along by this task entrusted to us.
Christ is passing by, 45

We cannot separate the seed of doctrine from the seed of piety.
The only way to inoculate your work of sowing doctrine against the germs of ineffectiveness is by being sincerely devout.
The Forge, 91

A spark of light
If the world has come from God, if he has created man in his image and likeness and given him a spark of divine light, the task of our intellect should be to uncover the divine meaning imbedded in all things by their nature, even if this can be attained only by dint of hard work. And with the light of faith, we also can perceive their supernatural purpose, resulting from the elevation of the natural order to the higher order of grace. We can never be afraid of developing human knowledge, because all intellectual effort, if it is serious, is aimed at truth. And Christ has said, "I am the truth”.
Christ is passing by, 10

A desire to work for the common good is not enough. The way to make this desire effective is to form competent men and women who can transmit to others the maturity which they themselves have achieved.
Conversations, n. 73

Faith teaches us that everything around and in us is impregnated with divine purpose, that all things echo the call beckoning us to the house of our Father.
This supernatural understanding of earthly existence does not oversimplify the complexity of human life. Rather, it assures us that this complexity can be shot through with the love of God, that beyond the disagreeable surface can be discovered the strong and indestructible link that binds our life on earth with our definitive life in heaven. 
Christ is passing by, 177

Following the Master’s wishes, you are to be salt and light while being fully immersed in this world we were made to live in, sharing in all human activities. Light which illuminates the hearts and minds of men. Salt which gives flavour and preserves from corruption.

That is why if you lack apostolic zeal you will become insipid and useless. You will be letting other people down and your life will be absurd.
The Forge, 22

Just live your ordinary life; work at your job, trying to fulfil the duties of your state in life, doing your job, your professional work properly, improving, getting better each day. Be loyal; be understanding with others and demanding on yourself. Be mortified and cheerful. This will be your apostolate. Then, though you won't see why, because you're very aware of your own wretchedness, you will find that people come to you. Then you can talk to them, quite simply and naturally — on your way home from work for instance, or in a family gathering, on a bus, walking down the street, anywhere. You will chat about the sort of longings that everyone feels deep down in his soul, even though some people may not want to pay attention to them: they will come to understand them better, when they begin to look for God in earnest.
Friends of God, 273

Titans win as PSDL hoop kicks off

THE PAREF Springdale Titans escaped the San Isidro Parish School Tamaraws, 39-30, at the start of the Private Schools Developmental League (PSDL) yesterday at the J Centre Mall in Mandaue City.

The win tagged the Titans as the first winners in the elementary division of the tournament, which pits teams from private schools that are not part of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc..

The other games in the elementary division were being played as of press time. The tournament also features secondary competition.

A total of 11 private schools converged yesterday to grace the opening of the second year of the hoopfest. This year’s tournament is supported by ThreeSixty Pharmacy, J Centre Mall, Cebu Doctors’ University and Nature’s Spring Water.

“For now, we are focusing on basketball. But we are planning to add other sports in the future,” said tournament director Marlove Alquizar. “We are doing this because we want to develop the skills of other teams in order for them to also excel.”

The tournament was supposed to have 12 teams but Saint Paul College backed out.  The other competing schools are defending champion PAREF Springdale, San Isidro Parish School, Cebu Cherish School, Center For International Education, Living World Christian Learning Center, Mandaue Christian School, Marrian Childhood Education Center, Mount Olives Christian Academy, Saint Francis of Assisi School, Saint Louis School of Mandaue and the Philippine Christian Gospel School./CORRESPONDENT DALE G. ROSAL

Source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/233349/titans-win-as-psdl-hoop-kicks-off-at-j-centre-mall

Tonyo Carcel wins Kartzone KT100 expert

CEBU, Philippines – Even after all the misfortunes that he went through, Juan Antonio “Tonyo” Carcel kept his composure to win the premiere KT expert division of 2012 Kartzone Superkart Series—fourth leg at Kartzone in Kasambagan, this city over the weekend.

During the qualifying round, Carcel posted 33.525 seconds behind Joseph Rojo who clocked 33.398 seconds while JT Gullas posted 33.609 in wet conditions.

Even with a good position at the start of first heat, Carcel despite his vast experience in karting said that having the wrong gearing caused him trouble.

Carcel finished fourth behind Joseph Rojo at the end of the initial heat.

In the ensuing heat, Carcel had a bad start and got stuck behind a few karters in the back of the pack.

“I was able to overtake them later on already and finished at fifth,” said Carcel to The Freeman.

Looking back at it, Carcel’s second heat performance was actually his best lap time of the latest battle at 28.491 clocking on a damp race track.

The second heat saw Jette Calderon coming out on top followed by Sean Velasco, Joseph Rojo, JT Gullas and Carcel that made the final heat anybody’s game.

“I didn’t think I would end up winning,” added Carcel who started fifth in the final heat following their placing in the second heat.

But as real Titan, the senior high school student of Paref-Springdale Carcel poured everything he got, never gave up the fight and worked his way up.

With a good start, Carcel saw himself behind Sean Velasco after the first turn and he eventually outmaneuvered Veloso after two laps.

Carcel never looked back from there and won the 25-lap action.

He posted a total time of 11:54.791, followed by Jette Calderon who was 2.231 seconds behind the former and Sean Velasco at third spot.

Carcel’s day came out complete knowing his sister, Kali also got into the podium after coming second in the novice class won the Vince Rojo.

Panpan Reroma also grabbed part of the limelight after outsmarting Regan King for the masters’ division title. — THE FREEMAN

Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=828065&publicationSubCategoryId=110

Gandionco, Springdale Alumus conquered Torrey Pines

CEBU’s top junior golfer Gio Gandionco scored a huge round on Day 3 to advance to the final round of the Callaway Junior World Golf Championship yesterday in San Diego, California.

Gandionco scored a round of 70—the best of the day for his division—that gave him the ticket to the final round of the tournament that started last Wednesday and played in different venues in San Diego.

His Day 3 exploits put Gandionco in the record books.

“He is the first Cebuano ever to make the cut in Class A in Torrey Pines South,” Cebu Country Club teammate Jovi Neri told Sun.Star Cebu.

Neri added that Gandionco had scored below 70 many times before. “But to score 70 in a course like that in Torrey Pines South against the best junior players in the world, that is something,” Neri said.

Torrey Pines South is a top golf course that hosted the US Open in 2008, where Tiger Woods won his last major tournament.

“I played the best round of my life. I conquered Torrey Pines. Although the tournament hasn’t ended yet, I will not forget my round today. One of my best games (yet),” Gandionco posted on Twitter.

Gandionco’s round was highlighted with an eagle shot from 81 yards to put him in 13th place.

Another Cebuano bet , Lj Go, missed the cut, while Lois Kaye Go finished in 61st place in the 13-14 girls division.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on July 14, 2012.

The love and integrity of God

The Love and Integrity of God by Fr. Roy Cimagala
Paref-Springdale School for Boys
Lahug, Cebu City
Email: roycimagala@gmail.com

I SUPPOSE all schools want to produce men and women of integrity. That’s the gem they want to extract from the ore that their students represent. This desire figures prominently in many of their mission-vision statements.

In one school manual, for example, we read: “By ‘men of integrity’ we mean persons who have acquired fundamental qualities that will enable them to live morally upright, happy, fulfilled and useful lives.

“We want to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, values, ideals and convictions that will make them truly human persons, able to use their freedom and their sense of responsibility to participate in the task of building the Filipino nation and to take their proper place and task in the world.”

Nice words, indeed! But before they dry up simply as nice, but anodyne if not dead words good only for sloganeering, it might be good to examine once again the substance and context of this concept that’s even touted by dirty and cheating politicians.

We have to realize that integrity has a long, complicated history. We need to know its drama so we would also know how to properly understand and handle it, and more importantly, how to achieve it.

Integrity evokes a sense of completeness and wholeness as well as order, harmony, consistency, honesty. For us, it is crucial because it is something to work and live out, protect, defend and even fight for. It does not come automatically with our DNA

We have to know its real essence, its firm basis and real source. We have to know the different elements involved in achieving it, as well as the techniques and skills to get the act together. Hopefully we can develop a clear and correct science about it, both in its theoretical and practical aspects

Offhand, we have to be clear that the ultimate foundation, source and goal of our integrity is God, our Creator and Father. Hence, we have to understand that the pursuit of integrity cannot be done outside of this original religious context. Any understanding of integrity outside of this would be compromised right from the start

Even if our concept of God and of how to relate to him is not yet clear, we have to hold it as a necessary prerequisite, at least theoretically, because it would be funny to look for the origin, meaning and purpose of integrity simply in ourselves or in the world.

That way of pursuing integrity would make it a mere human invention, and given the way we are, we could help but be subjective and therefore prone to have different versions of integrity.

But all the elements that we so far know go into the making of integrity all cry out for the need of God. That we are persons, that we need to have the right values, that we form convictions, etc.—all these have God, not us, as their basis.

Our integrity has to reflect the integrity of God because we have been created in the image and likeness of God. God’s essence and life are therefore to be known by us by necessity. 

More than that, we are supposed to participate in the very life of God, which is Trinitarian in nature—one God but never alone nor idle, because there are three persons eternally and consubstantially relating themselves with each other in the perpetual act of knowing and loving within God.

We should not be afraid to enter into this mystery. We are asked to let ourselves be led by our faith, more than our reason, and much less by our senses and feelings. It’s faith, which requires humility on our part, that will bring us to an understanding and living with God that defy our power to describe.

With our Christian faith, we know that the original integrity we had at our creation in Adam and Eve was lost because of sin, that of our first parents which we inherit, and that of our own.

We have to understand then that the building of integrity would always involve effort, sacrifice, penance and atonement. We need to continually rectify our intention and go to the sacrament of confession to regain what we lost through sin.

Another pertinent view would be that since we have been created in the image and likeness of God, we have to reflect the integrity of God also through our own efforts, but always with God’s grace. We can never do it simply on our own. But, yes, we have to do our part also.

May we know how to use all occasions to build our integrity!