October 18, 2017

Fathers’ Day 2015: Movie Knights

The month of March started with a bang even as the school year neared its end, another successful year with the school's biggest event: Fathers' Day. This much anticipated event not only celebrates the end of another prosperous school year, but also determines the final victor between the school's two houses: Anchor and Vinta.

March 1, 2015 was a day to remember as the Grade 3 parents, who were assigned as the event's coordinators, spearheaded a successful day filled with a variety show, battle of the bands, and booths that were hosted by the different students of the school.

Following the therme "Movie Knights", the school highlighted, various block busters through a flash mob that was participated by students, teachers, and parents. Various movie booths were also established all around the school.

The day ended in celebration as Vinta, which was led by dad and son team captains Gilbert and John Fernandez, finished the day strong as they were crowned back-to-back champions after a fierce battle with Anchor.

PAREF Springdale reigns as MILO Champions

For two consecutive years, the PAREF Springdale Titans have emerged as the Milo Visayas football champions, defeating the Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu Magis Eagles with a score of 2-0 at a jam-packed Cebu City Sports Complex.

The road was not easy for them as they trained vigorously for weeks to prepare their bodies for battle. Springdale played 3 games prior to the finals, garnering a 7-0 win over the USJR Jaguars, a 10-0 demolition over Canduman National High School, and scoring a 3-1 victory over Abellana National High School in the semi-finals.

Many fans from both teams watched the finals as the Titans controlled the match, launching a barrage of attacks early on, spearheaded by the impressive ball-handling skills of third years' Enzo Ceniza, Jimi Haosen, and Sabin Veloso.

By the 29th minute, Springdale drew the first goal as Veloso calmly took a free kick outside the box and accurately kicked it into the direction of Tyrone Jacalan, who headed the ball into the net.

Springdale continued to attack the SHS-AdC defense in the second half, with Mark Nacional scoring another goal for the Titans as the opposing team's keeper dove to the wrong direction.

"The team performed really well. I thought we would go through a penalty shoot-out by the end of the game, but our defense played extremely well," said goalkeeper Liam Hines, who denied every shot from the Ateneo opposition.

PAREF Springdale Titans football team also won a slot at the National Finals, for which they are to defend their National crown.

Vinta takes first strike in sportsfest

July 25, 2014 – PAREF Springdale had its annual Sportsfest at the Cebu City Sports Complex. Led by team captain John Fernandez, Vinta soared through the gates with 82 points while Anchor, led by team captain Shane Yu, was not far behind with 80 points.

Sportsfest is the first of many competitions this school year between the two battling houses, with Vinta serving as the defending champions. The games are based on track and field, namely, the 50 and 100-meter sprint, 4×100 relay, long jump, shot put, and swimming.

Several records were broken this year. Uri Llaban, a student from Grade 1, set a record time of 4.86 seconds in the 25-meter sprint. Renzo Ong Cabahug from Grade 3 set a time of 8.20 seconds to gain the record for the 50-meter sprint. Markwynn Relos from Grade 6 blazed his way through competition with a record time of 13.63 seconds in the 100-meter sprint. Elmar Carnicer III from Grade 6 threw for 11.7 meters to earn the record for the elementary shot put while Zacc Oliva of Third Year broke the record with 11.75 meters for the high school's edition of the contest.

It was a hard fought battle between the two houses. The school hopes to continue the success of Sportsfest with future competitions to help enrich the sports environment that Springdale is known for.

Confirmation 2014 – Final Preparations

CONFIRMATION for Parents – Followup


Recitalists serenade Springdale community

An astounding blend of music filled the night as PAREF Springdale School held its annual Music Recital: Ode to Music last March 14, 2014 at Mariners’ Court, Pier 1, Cebu City.

The school’s Associate Director for Academic Standards Dr. Renante Payod in his opening remarks emphasized the recital as an authentic learning evidence of students in music classes. Spearheaded by the school’s musical director Mr. Mark Axel Melecio, students, teachers, parents and guest performers showcased their musical prodigy through solo and group performances in singing or in playing various musical instruments.

The boys played some of the common Philippine folk songs and globally known nursery rhymes. The Pipers Club also displayed their musical dexterity in playing Pachelbel’ “Canon in D”. Pianists Christopher Veloso and Joseph Verallo amazed the audience in their excellent rendition of classical songs. Flutist Vincent Natera and saxophonist Kamiko Tampus stunned the crowd in their version of “The Prayer”. The event also promoted the unique iPad ensemble with Vince Natera’s flute accompaniment.

The event highlights the different adaptations of multi-awarded musical Les Miserables Prologue, The Man of La Mancha and movie soundtracks such as “Let It Go” from Frozen and “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt.

Springdale indeed hones students not only in academics, but also in the performing arts.