October 18, 2017

Embarking on e-Learning

PAREF Springdale School intensifies its curricular standards by utilizing a Singapore-based online learning management system to complement its existing curricular programs. This e-Learning system is designed to promote self-directed learning.

The system enhances students’ attitude towards technology through the web- based access of lessons and other learning enrichment resources like virtual experiments, online activities and exams. It captures the students’ short attention span and diverse interests with multi-media interactive contents designed to make learning fun, interesting and relevant.

For our teachers, this system provides a convenient teaching resource with over 65,000 ready-made lesson plans, tests, tutorials, audio and video files, and activities available at their fingertips. It hones their creativity and resourcefulness in developing learning plans which definitely cater to students’ diverse needs and interests. It also provides more class interaction time rather than do administrative tasks as it allows easy monitoring of students’ progress and class standing by generating relevant reports such as item analysis and students’ performance on certain activities.

In totality, this system will equip our students and teachers with the necessary expertise making them highly competitive in the 21st Century environment.

For our parents, this system provides value for their money as it allows them to tutor their children using the interactive modules available in the system. This also ensures access to filtered, structured, and up-to-date contents. It also provides convenience in monitoring their children’s progress at the comfort of their homes.